Acque Miracolose: Come la Linea di Bellezza delle Terme di Comano Può Trasformare la Tua Pelle

Miraculous Waters: How the Beauty Line of Terme di Comano Can Transform Your Skin


The Terme di Comano stands as a renowned institution in the wellness and dermatology landscape, thanks to its unique thermal water recognized for its healing properties. This natural source is at the heart of scientific studies that have proven its effectiveness in treating various skin conditions, including psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and eczema. Research, combined with tradition, has led to the development of the AQUA+TECH and AQUA+CLINICAL beauty lines, innovative products that blend the virtues of thermal water with the latest advancements in cosmetics and biotechnology. This article explores the evolution of thermal cosmetology through Comano's water, highlighting how science and nature unite to offer cutting-edge solutions for skin care.

The Natural Base: Comano's Thermal Water

The pulsating heart of every product in the Terme di Comano cosmetic line is 100% pure thermal water, directly extracted at the source. This water, free from preservatives and packaged in its purest form rich in minerals, possesses a unique microbiota with soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The special composition of the water, enriched with essential minerals and trace elements, offers a range of benefits from calming irritations to promoting cellular regeneration, to maintaining the skin's hydration balance. Scientific studies confirm the thermal water's effectiveness in improving skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis, underlining its significant contribution to strengthening the skin barrier and providing a soothing and anti-inflammatory action. These characteristics make Comano's thermal water a precious ingredient for the care of sensitive skins, including those prone to psoriasis and atopic dermatitis, offering relief from redness, irritation, and dryness.

Biotechnological Innovations for Skin Care

Alongside the purity of thermal water, the Terme di Comano beauty line makes use of last-generation active biotechnological ingredients. Among these, the Prebiotic System, obtained from natural sugars, protects and stimulates the skin's natural defenses, and a combination of biopeptides, alpine rose stem cells, and hyaluronic acid with differentiated molecular weights. These ingredients work in synergy to combat various skin imperfections, from cellulite to wrinkles, promoting a unique multiprogressive effect.

Proven Efficacy and Total Tolerability

The skin transformation promise offered by the Terme di Comano cosmetic line is not just based on claims: it is supported by in vivo and in vitro tests conducted by independent laboratories. These studies confirm the products' efficacy in reducing symptoms like dryness, redness, and in promoting lasting hydration. For instance, the intensive moisturizing cream showed a 46.8% increase in hydration after just 6 hours from application, while the Global Age anti-wrinkle cream demonstrated a 7% reduction in wrinkles and an improvement in skin elasticity.

Innovation in Thermal Cosmetics: AQUA+TECH

The innovation in thermal cosmetics reaches a new peak with AQUA+TECH, a line that embodies the perfect fusion between the most advanced scientific research and cutting-edge technologies. At the heart of this innovation is the holistic approach adopted in developing products that not only meet the immediate needs of the skin but aim to promote its long-term health. The research, meticulously oriented towards the identification of biotechnological and natural active principles, combines with leading formulation technologies to create products that maximize the therapeutic properties of Comano's thermal water. The AQUA+TECH line is not just a cosmetic product, but the result of an in-depth study on the symbiosis between the water's microbiota and high-efficacy functional ingredients, thus ensuring products of unmatched tolerability and performance. This synergy between nature and science opens new horizons in skin care, where each product is designed to respect the balance and improve skin vitality.

Science and Beauty: Exploring the AQUA+TECH Line

The AQUA+TECH line represents the pinnacle in the evolution of thermal cosmetology, standing out for the integration of cutting-edge biotechnological active ingredients and Comano's thermal water, notorious for its unique properties. This synergy between science and nature has led to revolutionary products, capable of meeting the needs of different skin types with unprecedented precision and gentleness.
Among the standout products, the Global Age Fresh Texture Cream has been shown in independent clinical studies to improve skin elasticity by 10% and reduce wrinkles by 7%, thus offering an effective solution against the signs of aging. Another noteworthy product is the SOS Intense Comfort Cream, which provides immediate relief, soothing the skin within an hour from application after superficial peeling treatments, with 100% satisfaction among users.
These results are the fruit of rigorous clinical studies that underline not only the efficacy but also the safety of the AQUA+TECH products, confirming the line's commitment to providing solutions that respect skin health. The innovative Prebiotic System, along with biopeptides, alpine rose stem cells, and hyaluronic acid with differentiated molecular weights, ensures 360-degree protection and skin regeneration, consolidating AQUA+TECH as a pillar in the innovation of thermal cosmetics.

AQUA+CLINICAL Solutions for Sensitive Skin

The AQUA+CLINICAL line represents a significant advancement in the care of sensitive skin, offering solutions based on a rigorous scientific approach. Skin sensitivity, often the result of a compromised epidermal barrier, exposure to environmental irritants, or pre-existing conditions like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis, requires targeted and gentle treatments. AQUA+CLINICAL meets these needs through the formulation of products that combine Comano's thermal water, known for its soothing and regenerating properties, and selected biotechnological active ingredients for their efficacy and tolerability. Studies show that the use of these products helps to restore the correct physiology of altered skin, offering relief from symptoms of irritation and redness, and promoting lasting skin well-being. Thus, AQUA+CLINICAL not only addresses the external manifestations of skin sensitivity but tackles its root causes, ensuring visible results supported by solid scientific evidence.

Transformation and Care: The AQUA+CLINICAL Products for Sensitive Skin

The AQUA+CLINICAL line stands out for its exclusive collection of products specifically designed for the care of sensitive skin, leveraging innovation and scientific research to offer effective and safe treatments. At the heart of this range are biotechnological ingredients selected for their high functionality and ability to restore optimal physiological conditions of altered skin. The thermal water of Comano, the main element of all products, is known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to its unique mineral-rich composition. In particular, the line includes products like the Intensive Moisturizing Cream A.D., which offers significant hydration and a reduction in inflammation, evidenced by a 46.8% increase in hydration after 6 hours and high satisfaction among users. The Keratoactive Moisturizing Cream PSO also stands out for its ability to reduce bacterial activity, demonstrating the efficacy of AQUA+CLINICAL products in independent in vivo and in vitro studies. These results confirm AQUA+CLINICAL's commitment to creating safe and effective solutions for the needs of the most sensitive skins, offering relief and improving users' quality of life.

A Targeted Beauty Routine for Every Need

The beauty line of Terme di Comano offers specific solutions for every skin type and problem, from daily cleansing and hydration to the treatment of specific imperfections such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, cellulite, and signs of aging. Each product has been formulated to be the perfect complement to thermal treatments, allowing you to bring the benefits of Comano's waters home and integrate them into a personalized daily beauty routine.


The beauty line of Terme di Comano represents an innovation in the world of thermal cosmetics, offering products that not only nourish and hydrate the skin but actively improve its health and appearance, thanks to the combination of miraculous thermal waters and the most advanced biotechnological science. The promise of Terme di Comano is clear: to transform the skin care routine into an unprecedented wellness and beauty experience. Through a careful selection of natural ingredients and biotechnological innovations, this line is dedicated to meeting the needs of every skin type, promising visible and lasting results. Comano's thermal water, with its unique properties, is at the center of this transformation, offering a natural and effective solution for treating various skin issues. In conclusion, the beauty line of Terme di Comano is not just an expression of cosmetic luxury, but a true tool of health and revitalization for the skin, bringing benefits that go beyond the surface to touch the very essence of skin well-being.


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