Path Bellezza Unica

*Limited time offer, the Personalised consultancy worth of €250 is free and without obligation until availability is exhausted.

In addition, exclusively to those who buy the products, a dedicated path as a gift (with follow up over time and specific advice for maintaining and improving results).

Otherwise the price of the path lasting 1 year with advice on products, massages, accessories to use and other tricks (in addition to the availability of a consultant dedicated just for you) is of €1.750.

Trying a product recommended by others or super-recommended has disappointed you?

Bell-Unica path

Ask the skin specialists

We will help you better understand what your skin is like and what it really needs.

Your skincare routine should be unique just like you are. We often make the mistake of thinking that something that is good for many or that many do is automatically good for everyone.

Wrong skincare can be much more harmful than not having one.

  • Young and healthy appearance

    with our indications, if you are constant, you can obtain a lasting rejuvenation over time

  • No invasive intervention

    with our solutions you can achieve a beautiful skin naturally and safely (acting well on the surface to give results in depth)


  • Personalized advice

    to prevent your aging with a skincare protocol and adequate supplementation

  • Simplicity and follow up over time

    you will no longer have to worry about anything, we take care of your skin by guiding you and advising you over time to maintain the result obtained

Skin aging is a natural process due to many factors: time passing, genetic predisposition, sunlight, bad habits or hormonal changes

Approach this change with the right products and with peace of mind


The solution

is to use products that suit your beauty needs

Over the years we have developed the Bell-Unica path. A proposed care routine for discover the best products for your beauty and to return to having healthy and beautiful skin. Follow up over time with personalized advice for maintaining and improving results.

  • 1. First consultation for a complete check-up:

    let's start with the study of your skin (and not only, but of your complete well-being)

  • 2. Let's identify the problem:

    we listen to your needs to understand which are the macro work areas

    (pigmentation, sebum regulation, hydration, firmness, uniformity, brightness, laxity)

  • 3. Let's find the solution:

    we offer a personalized path by integrating non-invasive treatments and following you over time with targeted advice for improving results

Bell-Unica objective

through a personalized path with the products suitable for you and guided by our consultants you can get a skin naturally healthy and beautiful in a safe, non-invasive and effective way


SOLUTIONS: why choose our method?

You will always be in the center!

Customization: we listen and study your needs 

Innovation: we offer cutting-edge products (suitable for both men and women)

Experience: the products offered are tested and used over time by many people  

Only the best: we offer you only products that we ourselves use, carefully selecting suppliers on the vast existing market

Do you have any question?

Q&A: we answer all your doubts:

How much does the path consultancy cost?

We remind you that for a limited time the consultation of €250 is free and the setting of the path is in a gift for those who have purchased even only 1 product on our site. 

It is our policy to propose a solution that allows you for maximum yield, minimum downtime and sustainable spending. We want to see you come back happy and not make a one-time purchase even if it is of a significant amount. Sometimes just a good cleanser is enough (the least expensive product but often more efficient than a cream), it still depends on how much effort you want to dedicate to each aspect.

The goal of this service is to set the general foundations of how a cure should be done so that subsequently everyone is able to take care of themselves on their own, of course we are always available if you want to be followed by our fantastic consultants.

How long does a path last?

It depends on the starting conditions of the skin and on which imperfections must be treated. Our advice is to be constant over time, better a few daily moves (with few products), but always do them. Taking care of our well-being should be a way of life.

When will I see the result?

A complete result of Bell-Unica usually takes 2-3 months. This happens because the skin has a turnover of 28 days and the synthesis of collagen requires a couple of months (as we also want to reach the deep layers). In any case, you will begin to appreciate the awakening and the natural skin change immediately after you have started to insert your good habits.

Is the result up to me?

A good outcome can also depend on the subject, so on you who are thinking of achieving it. The Consultant, in fact, will give all the recommendations so that you are aware of the behaviours to adopt to make the result achieved with us last (and why not improve it every day?!)

Do the results reach even the deepest layers of the skin?

Absolutely yes. With the right products (recognized by the skin as similar to its, as for example cosmeceuticals), knowing when to apply and the right method (delicate that allows the skin to collaborate with us for penetration) everything is done to stimulate the skin well starting from the surface and be able to bring long-term results reaching deep states.

Remember that if something is done "invasive" the skin (our body) may not accept it and therefore expel everything (even if done with all our good will).

What kind of discounts do you apply?

We believe that a product should be bought (and manufactured) because it is needed, not simply because it is discounted. This is why we have decided not to make offers for various feasts etc. so you will never find promotions on the site. However, we do apply a discount to our subscribers (i.e. those who are followed over time on the “Bell- Unica”path). Besides the fact that we feel it is only fair to reward loyalty, the products offered will be created exclusively for you (i.e. suitable and desired by those who are running the route).