Import and Export Services- internationalisation consulting

In a world where trade barriers are rapidly dissolving, your company has a unique opportunity to expand its impact and reach new markets. With Casa Esperia, your beauty, health, and wellness products can easily cross borders and cultures. Thanks to our collaborations with local experts, we specialize in consultancy for importing from abroad to Italy and exporting to key countries such as Romania, France, Malta, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Russia, offering a complete solution that covers every aspect of your brand's internationalization process.

Our services include:

  • Market Analysis: We provide detailed analysis to identify the best market opportunities.
  • Entry Strategies: We develop customized entry strategies, considering the cultural and regulatory specifics of each country.
  • Importation to Italy: We facilitate the introduction of your products into the Italian market.
  • Export and Distribution: We promote your products in key foreign markets, managing distribution and ensuring compliance with local regulations.
  • Operational Management: We rely on our partners for impeccable operational management.
  • Post-Sale Support: We ensure continuous support to maintain a strong and lasting presence of your brand abroad.

Discover how we can help you take your business beyond borders!

Please note that the service offered is distinct and independent from our e-commerce; therefore, it does not include the inclusion of products on this online sales platform.