Elisa e Lavera Yoga: Un Viaggio di Trasformazione Attraverso lo Yoga

Elisa and Lavera Yoga: A Journey of Transformation Through Yoga


In a fast-paced world, where stress and daily hustle seem to be constant companions, the bright figure of Elisa, founder of Lavera Yoga, emerges. Born in Italy with a rich background of experiences abroad, Elisa has turned her passion for yoga not just into a personal path of growth and wellbeing but also into a mission: to make this ancient discipline accessible and understandable to everyone, transforming lives. Elisa, carrying her passion and dedication for yoga beyond language barriers, offers classes in both English and Italian. This linguistic duality allows Elisa to welcome an international community, making yoga accessible to a broader audience.

In the chaos of modern London, where she began her yogic journey, Elisa sensed the pressing need to introduce yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices into the corporate environment, recognizing yoga as a crucial tool for improving life quality. Her unique approach, blending the precision of Ashtanga with the fluidity of Vinyasa, has not only drawn the attention of individuals seeking balance and harmony but has also paved the way for collaborations with international companies, demonstrating concretely how yoga can be a fundamental ally in the workplace.

Elisa, with her Lavera Yoga, did not stop at the mat. She has created a complete wellness ecosystem that includes corporate events, specialized courses, such as those dedicated to prenatal yoga, and an online platform called “Lavera Yoga Academy” described as the "Netflix of Yoga". Through these initiatives, she aims to ensure that yoga is not just an occasional practice but a constant and reassuring presence in people's lives, accessible at any time and place.

The foundation of Lavera Yoga represents the culmination of a journey that saw Elisa transform from an enthusiastic practitioner to an inspiring leader in the field of yoga. Her story is a living testament to the transformative power of yoga, not only as a physical discipline but as a path towards awareness, inner well-being, and connection with others. This article aims to tell her journey, her philosophy, and how, through Lavera Yoga, Elisa is changing the way we perceive and practice yoga today.

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Elisa's Journey

Elisa began her yoga journey in London in 2016, a path that led her to recognize yoga not only as a physical practice but as a true tool for personal and professional transformation. From a passionate practitioner to the founder of Lavera Yoga, Elisa aimed to make yoga accessible to everyone, integrating her deep knowledge of the discipline with a life philosophy that embraces well-being from all angles.

Her vision of yoga as a vehicle for change was enriched by experiences in various countries, including the UK and South Africa, until her return to Italy. This international journey has enriched her teaching approach, making it unique and sought after by both private individuals and companies.

The Practice and Teaching

Elisa adopts a holistic approach to yoga, combining the precision of Ashtanga with the fluidity of Vinyasa. This synergy creates balanced classes that challenge the body and soothe the mind, offering students a space to safely explore their limits. Through customized sequences, Elisa meets the needs of each student, fostering a sense of individual progress and well-being.

Her classes are designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience with yoga, highlighting her ability to adapt sessions to different needs, from stress reduction to enhancing concentration and physical strength, making yoga a comprehensive discipline.

Corporate and Business Events

Elisa has introduced yoga into the corporate world, proposing events and sessions aimed at improving employee well-being and productivity. Her experience includes collaborations with both international and local companies, where she has demonstrated how regular practices of yoga and mindfulness can positively impact the work environment, reducing stress and promoting a better balance between professional and personal life.

Her corporate initiatives range from stress management workshops to team-building sessions that use yoga as a tool to increase team cohesion and well-being. Through case studies and testimonials, Elisa has shown the effectiveness of yoga in creating a healthier and more productive work environment. In organizing events for businesses and yoga workshops for the workplace, Elisa emphasizes her ability to conduct classes in both Italian and English, ensuring that every participant, regardless of their background, feels included and adequately assisted.

Elisa's Strategy for Corporate Well-being

Elisa's approach stands out for its ability to naturally and productively integrate yoga into work contexts. Through collaboration with companies from various sectors, Elisa has developed customized events and workshops that cater to the specific needs of each organization. These events are designed to be inclusive, ensuring that every participant, regardless of their yoga experience level, can benefit from them.

Success Stories

  1. Corporate Events for Roberto Re: Elisa organized both online and in-person events, such as those held at Laqua By The Lake, demonstrating the effectiveness of yoga in awakening muscular strength and enhancing participants' mental focus. These events have shown how yoga practice can be a powerful tool for increasing energy and concentration before important meetings.
  2. Collaborations with Companies: Among successful collaborations, those with Kemin Industries and Roberto Re Mastermind events at "La Barchessa di Villa Pisani" have highlighted how tailor-made yoga sessions improve productivity and effectively manage work-related stress.
  3. Yoga at Casa Sartori: An innovative event that combined yoga, beauty, wellness, and wine to create a unique team-building experience. This event developed empathy and connection among team members, demonstrating how yoga can be used to strengthen professional relationships in a creative and enjoyable way.
These initiatives perfectly illustrate how Elisa has extended the concept of well-being beyond traditional yoga practice. For example, she introduced unique events like "Yoga, Wellness & Wine" embracing a holistic approach that engages the body, mind, and senses, combining sensory-guided meditation with beauty treatments and aromatherapy, offering a complete well-being experience, promoting relaxation, self-esteem enhancement, and social connection through the sharing of selected wines.

Another noteworthy series of sessions is certainly the creation of a personalized program for Paddy Power, with weekly yoga practices both in-person at the company's London office and online, leveraging the digital presence of Lavera Yoga with its Lavera Yoga Academy.

The goal of these sessions: to improve daily stress management and enhance team connection.

These types of events are an excellent example of how yoga sessions can be customized to meet the specific needs of a company or team, turning them into unique team building opportunities that extend beyond physical exercise to touch various aspects of personal and collective well-being.

The events and partnerships also highlight Elisa's commitment to offering experiences that can easily be integrated into participants' daily lives, demonstrating that even brief and simple practices can have a significant impact on overall well-being. This initiative is a concrete example of how Elisa Lavera utilizes her yoga expertise to create corporate events that promote holistic well-being, demonstrating the effectiveness of these practices in the work context.

Breathing Techniques and Personalized Pathways

In addition to group events, Elisa is dedicated to offering personalized pathways for employees interested in continuing the practice individually. Teaching breathing techniques to be practiced directly at the desk is just one example of how small changes to the daily routine can have a significant impact on individual well-being. These practices are particularly appreciated for their simplicity and immediacy, making yoga a practical tool for improving the quality of work life.

Positive Feedback and Testimonials

Testimonials from events organized by Elisa confirm the effectiveness of her methodology. Positive feedback comes from both company leaders, who observe a clear improvement in the work atmosphere and productivity, and from employees, who report tangible benefits such as reduced stress, increased energy, and improved concentration. Among these, the words of Roberto Re, founder of HRD, stand out:

“Elisa is EXCELLENT! She lives Yoga with great love and passion, and what fascinates me the most when practicing with her, is her incredible "connection" with the students, with herself, and with the Universe. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to approach Yoga, as well as those looking to improve if they are already experienced.”

Dr. Chris Nelson, president and CEO of Kemin Industries, also expresses great appreciation:

“The yoga classes were found to be very balanced and intense just right for handling workdays here in Barchessa.”

Charli Riddle, HR Manager at Square Mile Office, adds:

“Friday we had our first trial with Elisa and it was fantastic. What was previously a very stressful day turned into a calm and relaxed atmosphere! She even managed to shine a light on the phones in our office that were ringing in the background! We look forward to organizing more sessions!!”

These testimonials underline the positive and transformative impact of the yoga sessions guided by Elisa, reinforcing the value of her offering both at a personal and corporate level.

Yoga in the Company: An Innovative Model for Well-being and Productivity

Elisa Lavera, through Lavera Yoga, has demonstrated that yoga can be a valuable ally in the workplace, significantly contributing to corporate well-being. Her corporate events, personalized sessions, and attention to individual needs represent an innovative model of wellness in the company, which goes beyond mere physical practice to embrace a holistic view of health and productivity.

The Online Academy: The Netflix of Yoga

The online platform of Lavera Yoga is designed to provide flexibility and accessibility, allowing everyone to practice yoga whenever and wherever they prefer. Described as the "Netflix of Yoga" the online academy offers a wide range of classes, guided meditations, and tutorials, suitable for all experience levels. Similar to the "Netflix of Yoga" it provides classes, guided meditations, and tutorials not only in Italian but also in English, creating an open and accessible environment for students of various nationalities. This online resource reflects Elisa's commitment to making yoga a daily practice accessible to everyone, overcoming the logistical and temporal barriers that often prevent regular practice. Furthermore, the Academy offers the possibility of integrating into personalized corporate paths, adapting yoga to the specific needs of the team and the work environment, thus highlighting a versatile and inclusive approach to wellness in the company.

Yoga for Everyone

Elisa's commitment to making yoga accessible is also evident in her work with specific groups, including her dedicated prenatal yoga program. With the joy of soon becoming a mother herself, Elisa brings deep empathy and understanding to her classes, designing programs that aim to support and comfort expectant mothers. This further enriches the offerings of Lavera Yoga, demonstrating the versatility of yoga in assisting women during such a delicate phase of life.


Elisa's story and her founding of Lavera Yoga represent a transformative journey that transcends the yoga mat, touching many lives in profound and lasting ways. Her commitment to making yoga accessible to all, her holistic approach to teaching, and her ability to integrate yoga into daily and professional life show how yoga can be more than just a physical practice: it can be a path towards well-being, awareness, and a more balanced life. Elisa invites everyone, from individuals to companies, to discover the lessons and resources offered by Lavera Yoga, emphasizing how yoga can be integrated not only into personal life but also into the work context through dedicated corporate events. These corporate events, designed to enhance team well-being and productivity, demonstrate Elisa's ability to tailor yoga to the needs of any environment, enriching every aspect. Her expertise in teaching in both Italian and English further amplifies the welcoming essence of Lavera Yoga, motivating people from every corner of the globe to experience the transformative benefits of yoga.

With her passion, dedication, and innovative spirit, Elisa is revolutionizing the way we perceive and practice yoga, elevating it as a tool for well-being and harmony not only for individuals but also for professional communities. Elisa's journey and her Lavera Yoga are living testimonies of the positive influence of yoga, underscoring its beneficial effects both in personal and work life. This encourages each of us to explore how yoga can illuminate our path to well-being, promoting a balance between self-care and the corporate environment.

Are you ready to elevate well-being and harmony within your company? Elisa Lavera is the guide you need to infuse vitality, manage stress, and enhance team cohesion through the transformative power of yoga. Take advantage of the free consultation to explore together how a personalized program from Lavera Yoga can benefit you and your work environment.

Contact her via email: namaste@laverayoga.com

Visit the website: www.laverayoga.com

Call the number: +393515345359

Follow her on social media: @laverayoga

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