Scopri la bellezza e il benessere ecosostenibile della canapa con l’estro di Treepotsies

Discover the beauty and eco-friendly well-being of hemp with the inspiration of Treepotsies

Growing up with an awareness of the healing power of nature is a rare gift. The herbs and plants that surround us are like treasure chests with a thousand properties which, thanks to human ingenuity, can create miracles of beauty and well-being.

There are plants that have come to us with histories full of prejudices, stained by obscure concepts and dominated by heaps of lack of knowledge: this is the case of hemp sativa. And it is around this plant that the entrepreneurial story of three brothers who gave life to the brand was born Treepotsies.

Imagine three children who grew up among herbs and plants, with the wisdom and love for nature handed down from their grandfather, whose renowned company - Specchiasol - produces high quality herbal medicines and who, as adults, choose to make their debut on their own and to focus on on the most extrovert plant of the contemporary botanical panorama.

The roots of knowledge, when well planted, create miracles of innovation and creativity and evolve from generation to generation until they introduce those trend that we need to feel more beautiful and become healthy.

This is the story of Carlotta, Erika and Giovanni of Treepotsies.


Why Treepotsies?

The name of the brand has a polysemantic and eclectic nature, the same that characterizes the story of its three entrepreneurs. From a kaleidoscope of visions, a vase of meanings.

Tree as a family tree, for the deep connection with the history of one's family, with the branches and leaves in continuous renewal, to the point of giving flowers and fruits that become increasingly colourful, bright and freely reaching towards the sky.

Treep as a discovery and experiential journey through the use of innovative and effective products that renew wellness and beauty itineraries.

Pots like containers of every shape and with every surprise, like those villages from which flow waters of inspiration, ingenuity and origin and into which new external creative sources converge.

Potsies come parents of this brand, who are brothers as well as friends and partners, for a meeting of stories and experiences that give life to a mix of ideas and incredible paths.


Bypass limitations and false myths to access full self-care

It is by far the most prejudiced plant, and yet it is the new trend in the ecofriendly universe, from the construction sector to the textile sector, from food to cosmetics and food supplements for the care of the body and mind.

The seeds and seeds are extracted from hemp hemp seeds, from which CBD, cannabidiol, is obtained, an active ingredient that is totally free of psychoactive effects. Antioxidant and regenerating it is that slightly outsider spearhead of medicine and dermatology.

What can CBD do for your beauty?

It accelerates cell regeneration, slows down aging, hydrates and slows down the division of sebaceous cells with consequent sebum-regulating activity.

It contains vitamins and essential fatty acids that are absorbed almost instantly, without therefore weighing down the skin, but making it luminous, nourished, regenerated, visibly splendid.

A synesthetic beauty experience: from the texture, to the scent, to the visible results

If you have skin problems, rosacea, atopic dermatitis on both face and body, oily skin, dry skin, the products of Tree pots they are ideal for any need. Without aggressive surfactants, they are the answer for those who have not found the expected benefits from the classic best-selling products in pharmacies, and are looking for something that is as effective as it is delicate. Bringing together the cosmetic pleasantness of the texture with high effectiveness it is part of the mission of Treepotsies.

In the line designed by the brand you will find face and body creams that combine CBD with the precious effectiveness of terpenesi, as well as cleansers, cleansing oil and everything you need for radiant and happy skin. And there are some goodies too.

The must-have for eco-sustainable cleansing: Treep washcloths

The washcloth is a hemp cloth for double cleansing, which removes make-up with the matching make-up remover oil - No Make up Treep - can also be used in a basic way with just warm water. Delicate and exfoliating at the same time, it cleanses and renews the beauty of the skin, without the risk of irritation.

You will no longer need to remember to buy cotton pads to fill the bin with, because the lavetta Treep it can be used endlessly with the same effectiveness.


An effectiveness that surpasses time

The CBD it is able to bind to receptors that control emotions and memory within the brain, as well as receptors in the immune and digestive systems. Think of it as a vehicle for emotional and anti-inflammatory regeneration on a cellular level.

This is where they are born C - Treep e D - Treep.

C- Treep based on hemp seed oil, combined with Griffonia - a plant well known for its benefits on mood - vitamins B6, E and terpenes contributes optimally to psychological function and mental and emotional balance.

D -Treep It's the supplement anyone suffering from joint pain has been waiting for. Anyone who has tried it knows how much it can relieve symptoms within 48 hours. Hemp seed oil, ginger and vitamins work synergistically D - Treep to counteract localized states of tension and restore vitality and mobility.

Try to feel good again and move towards new things treep.

Explore the sustainable beauty revolution with Treepotsies! Visit their site Treepotsies to discover their unique range of hemp-based products and get started today same your path towards a more natural and conscious beauty. Click here to learn more and join their community!

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