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Why Casa Esperia?

Industry Excellence at the Click of a Button

Casa Esperia, an industry leader is proud to present its newly launched service: Partnership HUB. This platform serves as an exclusive bridge between your reality and a world of opportunities, aiming to build customer loyalty and to unite professionals and businesses in a network of excellence, designed to enhance your visibility in the fields of beauty, health and wellness, both nationally and internationally.

At the heart of our mission is the international promotion of excellence in these areas, with the "Partnership Hub" service representing our answer to the growing demand for authentic products and premium services. We invite those in the industry interested in elevating their business to join us in leveraging our global network of contacts and collaborations.

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What Does the "Partnership Hub" Offer?

Triple Visibility: Linkedin post, In-Depth Analysis, and Partner Database

We offer a triple opportunity for visibility: to our registry of national and international partners, a concise presentation via a LinkedIn post (for effective initial contact), and a more detailed one (through an In-Depth Analysis on our blog, which provides the opportunity to thoroughly explore the unique characteristics of your business). This combination of resources ensures that your business is not only easily discoverable but also appreciated on both a national and international scale, guaranteeing optimal visibility in every scenario and maximizing your commercial prospects on a global scale.

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Exclusive Benefits

A Quality Network for Your Growth

Joining the "Partnership Hub" places you within an exclusive context of selected entities, all committed to enhancing the Beauty and Healthy Lifestyle sector. With free inclusion via a LinkedIn post and on our blog, in 10 languages (for now!), your business will be promoted not only through our platform but also via word-of-mouth in our community of global partners, expanding your commercial opportunities.

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A Strategic Investment

Launch Price: €450 for Invaluable Value (One-Time Payment)

Our "Partnership Hub" service represents a strategic investment in the future of the sector and is not aimed at immediate profit. The discounted launch price grants access to all the services offered, from multilingual visibility to international promotion, without additional costs despite future service enhancements.

Simple inclusion via a post on LinkedIn is FREE, but without access to the other benefits offered by our full package.

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A Limited Availability Opportunity

Sign Up Now and Reserve Your Participation

The offer is limited and the price will increase as the service expands. By signing up now, you lock in the advantageous price and enjoy all future improvements at no additional cost. Don't miss the opportunity to be part of this revolution in the Beauty, Health and Wellness sector: join the "Partnership Hub" of Casa Esperia.

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Progress and Innovations in the Partnership HUB

Toward a Richer and More Interactive Platform

The "Partnership HUB" is currently in its initial stages, with ongoing integration of participating companies. The platform will be updated periodically, continually evolving with the addition of new features and partners.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is this service offered at such a budget-friendly price?

The main reason is that the value we provide, both nationally and internationally, represents a strategic investment for us. Our primary goal is NOT to generate profit from this service, but rather from the presentation of the company to our network. Moreover, as a recently launched service with growing demand, we are able to benefit from economies of scale, allowing us to offer competitive prices while maintaining high standards of quality.

The modest contribution required from each collaborator remains a low cost of service (this situation illustrates a real and measurable benefit of being members of a network). On the other hand, for us, aggregating the input of all partners on a large scale, the cost becomes a considerable burden. Consequently, the requested contribution is essentially just covering expenses. It could also be seen as a symbolic price, emphasizing the importance and seriousness that you too attribute to this agreement.

What categories of products and services does your platform promote within the Beauty, Health and Wellness sector?

This includes a diverse range that, by way of example and not limited to, comprises:

  • wellness: services and products for physical and mental well-being;
  • medical-healthcare sector: services and products related to health and both preventive and curative medicine;
  • cosmetics, personal hygiene, and personal care: dedicated products, services, and treatments;
  • perfumery and makeup: including other similar products related to cosmetics;
  • beauty and aesthetic treatment: products and services for aesthetic care.

How were the languages for your platform chosen, and which international markets represent your specialization?

The current selection of languages was determined based on the predominant demand for the field from countries and individuals, such as France, the UAE, Germany, etc. More languages will be added soon.

Our specialization focuses on the internationalization of the sector in Italy, Romania, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Malta (and also towards Russia, currently on hold). However, our scope of activity and international partners is not limited exclusively to these countries.

How can you contact Casa Esperia for more information or questions regarding the Partnership HUB service?

For any questions or to request more information, we are available at the email address consortium@casaesperia.it

We will be happy to assist you as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

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Join now Casa Esperia's "Partnership Hub". Fill out the membership form to start your journey towards unprecedented visibility in the world of Beauty, Health and Wellness. Your business deserves to be known and appreciated on a global scale. We are here to make it happen.

Casa Esperia is your ideal partner to conquer the world.

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  • Free entry with POST LINKEDIN

    Here, a summary of your business will be easily accessible, allowing those specifically searching for products or services in our sector to find you quickly.

    This free inclusion in the heart of our network provides your profile with privileged access through a sophisticated search and keyword system. Whether you are a startup, an established entity, or a professional, visibility is guaranteed with immediate feedback.

  • DETAILED INSIGHTS on our professional blog

    Insertion of an exclusive presentation article, human-written in medical writer style, multilingual, with customized photos/videos and SEO-optimized content, published only upon your approval.

    A detailed showcase of your business on our blog dedicated to Beauty, Health and Wellness. The unique description will tell your story, mission, and values, connecting you with an interested and curious audience. This will allow potential partners to thoroughly understand your entity, obtain more comprehensive information, and increase the chances of fruitful collaboration.

  • GUARANTEED VISIBILITY through our network of partners

    Inclusion in our list of national and international partners.

    Your business will not only be promoted in Italy but also abroad, thanks to our international collaborations.

    It is emphasized that our partner database will not be shared. Promotion of your initiatives will occur through controlled channels, such as personalized newsletter dispatches, upon explicit request for information, and similar methods. This way, we ensure maximum confidentiality and data protection.

    Furthermore, for national collaboration requests, we will only share the contacts of partners who actually join us, thus ensuring added value to our partnership network.

  • 360° FLEXIBILITY and CUSTOMIZATION with the possibility to integrate additional services

    We enthusiastically welcome your ideas to enrich the offering with new services or languages, to best meet your needs.

    We are committed to enhancing your visibility, facilitating global expansion without additional costs for feasible proposals. Requests are free and sought to acquire a transnational clientele. We encourage the submission of suggestions that can expand your network of qualified and profiled contacts.

    We offer benefits for future services, such as podcasts and participation in international fairs, prioritizing those who collaborate with us from the beginning and valuing loyalty.

All together on the adventure of BEAUTY, HEALTH and WELL-BEING

Casa Esperia celebrates the excellence in the world of Beauty, Health and Wellness, offering a unique platform for entities like yours. Our new service, Partnership HUB, is the solution to expand your visibility and strengthen your business relationships, both nationally and internationally.

Take advantage of the launch offer and start writing your future with us. The Partnership HUB is your gateway to new horizons and successes.

Or do you have questions or want to learn more? Contact us! We are here to support you in the internationalization of your brand.

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