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Rubina set "PERFEZIONE" - 2 products for 6 needs (essence, mask, serum BODY and FACE/EYES). Small-scale production. Made in Italy. Precious oils, grape extract, cucumber

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PERFEZIONE SET: essence and serum (the serum can also be used as a mask), to find out more, browse the individual products.

DROPS OF RUBIN 30ML. Precious oils and vitamin D3. A serum with moisturizing and soothing properties, deeply nourishes tired and dry skin. Provides elasticity and strengthens the natural lipid barrier, making the skin immediately more elastic, radiant and ready for any situation.

Rubina drops 3 in 1 FACE, BODY, velvet HANDS (essence and serum) moisturizing and soothing. Precious oils and vitamin D3. Vegan ok, without parabens. Made in Italy handcrafted products

RUBINA SERUM and MASK 50 ml. 50% grape extract and cucumber extract. Reduces and prevents the signs of aging. When used as a serum, apply a small amount to the face, eye area, lips and neck. Ideal to leave on overnight as a mask (8/9 drops). Recommended for loss of tone, dull and sensitive skin. Also against bags and dark circles. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED. 

Serum or mask WAW for the body, face, eyes, lips, neck, for loss of tone and dark circles. Dermatologically approved. Grape extract, cucumber extract


Rubina products are multifunctional for minimal care, see the area of use to find out where they can be used (you will be surprised)!

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Age group: 15+ unisex

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Country of origin: Italy