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DolcePura set "DETERGENZA" for the FACE (cleansing and tonic milk) with opuntia and lycopene extract, organic and patented. Made in Italy handcrafted products. Plant-based, all skin types

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A wonderful set consisting of TONIC and CLEANSING MILK.

Per more details consult i individual products:

CLEANSING AND MAKE-UP REMOVER MILK FOR THE SKIN 200 ML. (moisturizing and delicate with opuntia and lycopene extracts). Organic and herbal. For all skin types.

Cleansing Milk "PUREZZA" (with opuntia and lycopene extract). Organic and herbal. For all skin types. Physiological PH 5.5

FACE TONER 200 ML. (Cleansing and hydration with Opuntia and Lycopene extract). Organic and of vegetable origin. For all skin types.

Dolce Pura skin care tonic "LUCE": cleansing and moisturizing with opuntia and lycopene extract. Organic and herbal. For all skin types

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Age range: 15+ unisex

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Country of origin: Italy